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We are building the future of responsible investing with connected devices and blockchain to close the multi-trillion funding gap needed to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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Why Raise?

The UN estimates that there is a $12 trillion opportunity for businesses to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 in water, energy, food, cities and health. Investment strategies and business models are increasingly built around maximizing a positive impact on the world. For this new economy to grow, we need to tie capital to results. However, results-driven capital is difficult to distribute and impact data is expensive to measure.

Raise is building a data-driven financial infrastructure for the growing impact economy with smart contracts and connected devices. Create automated investment milestones, track impact data and deploy capital globally.

How does Raise work?


Devices are connected. Measure your impact with verifiable and data-driven metrics against international standards using connected devices.


Use smart contracts to create transparent results-based financing where funds are disbursed when impact in the world is created and verified.


Transparency, trust, efficiency and cheaper financing transactions. Investing is expensive and paper-intensive, with the costs passed on to investors and entrepreneurs. 

What makes Raise work?

Responsive Design

Easy-to-use and friendly interface for investing and creating campaigns.

Data Driven

User-friendly visuals to view and analyze impact created.

Global Market

Invest in opportunities around the world with the click of a button and without slow bureaucratic paperwork.

Customized Metrics

Customize portfolios and impact metrics.

Blockchain Transparency

Top-tier security, transparency and cheaper transactions around the world.

Impact Focused

Feel the impact you create in your wallet with easy data tools to track solar energy production, teachers taught, food production, clean water volumes and more.

Let's Make an Impact!

We have until January 1, 2030 to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that the growth of responsible investing will get us there. Easily track a company’s impact and your investments with international impact standard metrics, UN SDGs and IRIS.
2030/01/01 00:00:01

This is what matters

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Education

  • Clean Water

  • Agriculture

  • Healthcare

  • Energy


We are actively working on partnerships with investors, entrepreneurs, funds, impact investment gurus, accelerators, funds and portfolio managers from the around the world. Interested in working together?

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People usually ask us these

Frequent Questions

We are building an impact investment platform that tracks and measures impact data, deploys funds through smart contracts and allows impact investors to view the impact of their funds. We use standardized impact investment metrics (IRIS, UN SDGs) to evaluate the financial benchmarks and impact achievements. Our vision is to bridge the gap between traditional financial performance and social impact. But first, we’re building the digital infrastructure for a pay for results impact economy.

Responsible and impact investing is an investment strategy that seeks both a financial return and a measurable social impact. This space is growing quickly. Soon, responsible practices and impact measurement will be at the centre of most business models. We are building the financial infrastructure to make that possible.

Outcome-based funding is a type of financing transaction in the impact finance space where capital is invested or released when a measurable real-world impact is created. Unfortunately, pay for results financing transactions depend on a number of intermediaries to execute transactions, making them inaccessible to execute. We believe that the future of the impact economy will be pay for results financing. We’re using technologies that make it possible.

The UN estimates that the world needs 16.8 trillion dollars dedicated to achieve impact in the next 12 years. There are only 12 years left to create significant global impact in energy, water, food, gender equality, access to justice, education, gender equality and decent work. More than ever, businesses need a dedication to social and environmental impact to solve problems that hurt us all. At the same time, business is changing and being disrupted by new generation technologies. That means that traditional capital markets are outdated and there is a need for an innovative financial product that bridges the the gap between new technologies, impact and business.

IRIS and UN SDGs are internationally standardized and transparent metrics that are used to quantify and evaluate social impact. The UN SDGs articulates a general framework of objectives and indicators. IRIS is a detailed catalogue of metrics that allow enterprises and people to categorize their impact data into different sectors and baskets. We use both metrics to transparently evaluate impact created by projects on Raise platform.

Blockchain is a new technology that allows us to securely record and transact data around the world. With it, innovators around the world are already revolutionizing community, transparency, trust, efficiency and border-less transactions. Blockchain is the foundation of our new economy. But since blockchain is just data, then it needs to interact with data off-chain, or information from the outside world. Soon, impact data of all kinds will all be trustfully verifiable through connected devices. At the same time, investing private capital in projects with measurable impact data has never been more important than it is now, only 12 years away from the SDGs.

We are actively prototyping our demo and working with partners. Click here to contact us and learn more!

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